Criminal & Traffic Law

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Since 1984, the offices of Butler & Marshall Attorneys at Law in Washington Court House, OH, have represented clients in criminal court and traffic court. Our attorneys provide experienced and compassionate legal counsel to clients throughout the Tri-County area. We are family-owned, licensed, bonded and fully insured.
Traffic Law

At Butler & Marshall, we strive to protect the best interests of the driver. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing accessible and compassionate legal representation for clients facing trial in traffic court. We’ll represent you in the following cases:

  • Traffic Violations – We provide experienced legal counsel to clients disputing traffic tickets or other citations. We’ll discuss every aspect of the case so you can stay informed and advocate for your side of the story.
  • Vehicular Accidents – When you get in an auto accident, taking the matter to court can not only prove your innocence, but also have an impact on insurance claims. That’s why we’ll represent your side of the case with knowledgeable legal counsel. We’ll analyze the incident and research every legal aspect of the case. We’ll help you win your case and receive the insurance payout you need.
  • Retaining Driving Privileges – If you’re in danger of losing your driver’s license, count on the attorneys at Butler & Marshall to help you retain your driving privileges. We’ll help you fight any charges and make sure you keep your right to drive.

Criminal Law

If you’ve been charged with a crime, we’ll make sure you get the legal representation you need. We’ll listen to your version of events and make sure you’re represented fairly in court. Our attorneys will submit any necessary paperwork, interview witnesses and request investigations to make sure your story is fully supported. We can also help you negotiate plea deals, represent you in parole and probation hearings and file for appeals and retrials.

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Criminal & Traffic Law, Washington Court House, OH