Child Custody

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Since 1984, Butler & Marshall Attorneys at Law in Washington Court House, OH, have represented clients throughout the Tri-County area in child custody cases. When it comes to custody and visitation, we’ll make all parties involved come to the best resolution. Our family-owned and operated office is licensed, bonded and fully insured.

When it comes to child custody cases, we aim to ease the tension between all involved parties through experienced, approachable and compassionate legal representation. We can explain any and all aspects of the case so you can make informed decisions. During disputes, we will represent you fairly and honestly. We’ll also provide emotional support to make the process as stress-free as possible. Our job isn’t done until all parties are satisfied with the custody and visitation agreement.

If you need legal consultation for your child custody hearing, please call Butler & Marshall Attorneys at Law at 740-335-4381, stop by our office or email us at

Child Custody, Washington Court House, OH